Style with an African Twist and Proudly Nigerian 🇳🇬

Who we are

Mak Nisy is a fashion line that specializes in designing and producing handmade bags, shoes, accessories and corporate items with leather, African fabrics and a variety of print fabrics.

Our process

Our produces are all handmade with good quality materials and are also neatly finished because we take pride in customer satisfaction.


Mak Nisy Collections

We show that with hard work possibilities are endless.

This company was founded in June 2011 by Nneamaka Nwosisi, to showcase to Nigerians, Africans and the world how fashion accessories made with locally sourced African fabrics could transform and enhance our everyday look and also its ability to stand in par with continental designs available in the market.  

Our afro-centric fashion products serve for both everyday formal and informal purposes and our clientele base include ladies, gentlemen, brides, fashion designers, shop/boutique owners, departmental stores, corporate organizations and generally people who love to have the unique experience of owning fabulous items handmade in Nigeria.

Our services include customized and personalized orders which our customers love because we provide them with the best. Our business growth in the past years has been impressive as the demand for our products has grown and we have extended our distribution channels to various parts of Nigeria and outside the country.

Our CEO Nneamaka, who believes that fashion, should be comfortable, elegant and personal is very passionate about her creations and works hard with her team to produce a variety of designs for her customers. The Mak Nisy staff is made up of a team of hardworking young men and ladies who thrive to work hard while applying their creative talent to provide fabulous creations. The CEO being a trained social worker has also built her business with the aim to give back to her society. All Mak Nisy staff are well trained, well paid and also earn extra commission based pay by creating or making their saleable items. The Mak Nisy team also take on  2 interns and 2 national youth corps members to be part of their team yearly.